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Mastering Technical Analysis: Start Trading Better Today


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Mastering Technical Analysis to ….Create an important secondary income trading the markets (Stock Trading, Forex Trading etc..)Empower you to reach financial freedomFinancial benefits with no large commitment of time and resourcesDo you want to learn to profitably trade Forex, the Stock Market, Commodities, Bitcoin, Funds etc using Technical Analysis?Do you want a step by step rule based guide on how to trade my most profitable chart patterns using Technical Analysis?Hi there, my name is Giuseppe Schiorlin but you can call me Pep. I am a Certified Technical Analyst and have been trading and investing using Technical Analysis for over 8 years with a track record of verified results.In this course you will learn Technical Analysis to help you to become a profitable trader even if you have never traded before. Trading using Technical Analysis in this course will enable you to read the markets with simplicity and analyse/trade reversal & continuation pattern (the key strategies I teach in the course).Dave: “Amazing course, this is the best of best forex course and where. I am nearly 60 and I find the course doable because every lesson is short and to the point, with actionable price action methods. Unlike other courses need-to-know concepts no complex theory. Pep is fantastic teacher, I had a few questions about how to? Pep came back with an answer straight away with the answers to my questions. I would highly recommend this course to any students of the market new or experience trader. As far as I am concern this is the only course one needed to succeed in the market if one is willing to put time and hard work to practice what is been taught.”In this course I will teach you everything you need to know to get started trading using Technical Analysis. You’ll learn to use Technical Analysis to help you predict the right time to enter and exit trades, identify market trends and learn in depth my chart pattern strategies. I will also give you the tools and knowledge to help you create your own trading strategy using Technical Analysis.This course is great for beginners and current traders struggling with consistent results. You do not need any previous knowledge of Technical Analysis or any other type of trading experience. We will start at the very beginning and work our way towards trading my strategy step by step.You will learn the foundations of Technical Analysis which is such an important task to master when trading. This skill set will not only teach you how to trade the strategies in the course but also give you the tool set to apply this knowledge to any other market or trading strategy.Eugenio: “If possible I would give this course up to 10 stars. The teacher is marvellous, serious, clear and precise in his lessons. And it is clear from the beginning that he deeply knows – definitely from experience – what he says! The topics are well sorted and organized and follow a logical structure that will guide from the basics to advanced applications. The course added definitely a lot of value to my knowledge!”There are files available to download, you can reference back to these when diving into the charts/lectures to help you accelerate your learning on your path to trading the markets.If you have never traded using Technical Analysis before or you are currently trading and are not seeing positive results then follow me and together we will learn Technical Analysis to help you become a successful trader.This course includes instant access to:Technical Analysis strategies that workOver 6 Hours of premium trading video lecturesLifetime course updatesPremium instructor supportDedicated trading Facebook Group Downloadable GuidesAll of this will help you master the markets using Technical Analysis easier, quicker and more comprehensively than any other Technical Analysis course or trading book. Why learn Technical Analysis from Giuseppe?This course has been tailored by Giuseppe using Technical Analysis strategies he has mastered and profited from for over the last 9 years. Giuseppe believes learning Technical Analysis is a great life skill which can open many doors. This course can help free up more of your time or improve your lifestyle even if you have no prior Technical Analysis experience. Giuseppe is a top rated instructor had has taught thousands of students worldwide, and can’t wait to show you all he knows. He promises to help you learn how to master Technical Analysis no matter what it takes. If you ever feel lost or confused please post a question to the Q&A section and Giuseppe will be there to help you.High level course overview:What will you learn in this Technical Analysis course?An introduction to Technical AnalysisLearn & understand what Technical Analysis is.Learn the advantages of using Technical AnalysisLearn and understand chart patternsCharting & Market movementA tour of TradingView (the charting platform I personally use)Learn how to read candlesticks/price actionLearn how to identify market direction using Technical AnalysisRisk ManagementOne of the most important concepts to learn when trading any market is managing your riskLearn how to hold on to your capital (it will be very difficult to trade without it)Learn how to calculate risk reward ratios and win ratesIdentify areas of valueLearn how the markets behave using supply and demandLearn how to read market structureLearn how to plot areas of value (this is where we will be trading from)- Support and Resistance- Trendlines- ChannelsCandlestick patternsLearn how to master the candlestick pattern techniques I use to enter tradesDoji, Pin Bars and break out patternsLearn how to trade Technical Analysis patternsHead & shoulder patternsDouble top & bottom patternsRising & falling wedgesTriangle PatternsFlag PatternsPennant PatternsLearn how to trade my chart pattern strategies step by stepIn this section we will put everything together we have learnt throughout the course.You will learn a rule based strategy and I will guide and teach you step by step on how to implement this.Backtesting & Log BookYou will learn how to backtest your own strategy using Technical Analysis.Learn how to log all your tradesI will be providing you with a back testing and log book spreadsheet.Live AnalysisWatch over my shoulder as I analyse the markets in a live environment. This will help you understand everything you have learnt throughout the course.I hope this sounds great to you?I’m so excited that you have landed here reading the course description. Once you have enrolled I can assure you won’t regret it.Hit the enrol button today and start your journey to mastering Technical Analysis!I look forward to seeing you inside the course.


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