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About Us


A Few Words About Us



We aspire all our site visitors to be financial savvy by helping them to learn and improve on their investments.

This site is aimed at promoting individuals investment capablity by understanding it better.

We are group of individuals who aim to make people more aware of investment options that they have available to them. We do this by looking at different options available in the market and review them and providing a detail list for our site visitors.

Because we know that investment is a vast topic so we try to cover few main areas of personal finance and business finances. Our site provides a list of providers including advisors, financial and banking institutions. We also provide several different training resource from quality training providers that can help individuals to make better investment and trading decisions. We do offer a list of several current investment providers that can help you immediatelly.

We are not financial advisors and none of the contant on this site is aimed at providing financial advice of any form. We do advice every visitor to do their due dilvigence before venturing in to any investment decision. We are affiliates and when you click on the links on this site and go on to make an investment we do earn a small commission that helps us to keep this site free at the point of use. 

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Some Facts about what we do.


01 Training

So that our visitors can make better investment decision. We offer training on wide range of investment topics.


02 Reviews

Reviews of investment opportunities and some of the services providers.


03 Promotion

Because we want to offer maximum possible options for investment & finance so we do promote some products as affiliates.


04 Resources

There are many resources on both personal and business finance that we aim to bring forward to our site visitors.