Blue Queen Comforter For Summer. Duvet Insert - Precise Handmade, Luxury Natural Properties -
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Blue Queen Comforter For Summer. Duvet Insert – Precise Handmade, Luxury Natural Properties


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Organic wool-filled comforter, covered in Oeko-tex certified 100% cotton sateen. Available in different colors, sizes, & weights. Fully handmade, custom is available. SPECIFICATION: Dimensions – pick from the drop-down list (if you need a custom size we will be happy to make it) Fabric – sateen, 100% cotton (Oeko-tex certified). Filling – 100% all-natural handpicked virgin wool that has not been treated with any harmful chemicals or additives. Weight – Summer, All Seasons, Winter. HOW TO CHOOSE THE THICKNESS OF THE COMFORTERS? Our comforters’ warmth depends on the quantity of used wool per square meter (GSM): – For summer wool comforters we use ~ 225 GSM. If the temperature in a bedroom is about 24 o C (75F) or more, or a person likes cool comfort these are suitable not only in summertime. – For all seasons comforters we use ~ 450 GSM of wool. It is suitable for all seasons when the bedroom temperature at night is 20-22 o C (68-72F). – If you sleep in a room where it is 18 o C (64F) or less, choose an extra warm winter comforter that uses ~ 600 GSM of wool. Each person’s love for heat is very different, so if you find that the surrounding people are feeling cold, but you are still not – it should be assessed when choosing the thickness of the duvets. If you sweat a lot (a wet body hardly raises the cold) it is worth remembering that wool absorbs a lot of moisture, without causing a sensation of moisture. It is important to listen to your needs & take into account the temperature in the bedroom. FABRIC COLOR: The listed item is in Forever Blue. We are trying to do our best to represent exact fabric colors in pictures but color may slightly vary due to screen resolution & digital photography. You can find the fabric color palette in listing’s photos. Available colors are listed in other of our shops’ listings CARE: Dry cleaning is the way to clean a wool comforter. in between the dry cleaning, a good shake in the open air is adequate. Also, ventilate if a natural wool smell seems too strong. Protect your comforter with a duvet cover, which keeps it clean & prolongs its life. It’s much preferable to frequently clean the duvet cover than to have to constantly clean the comforter. Our handcrafted SOFTENED LINEN DUVET COVERS are suitable for these comforters:§ion_id=19571720 MATCHING WOOL-FILLED PILLOWS: All wool§ion_id=17647384 Wool with foam core§ion_id=17826982 HOW IT IS MADE: The industry processes wool in huge quantities & uses technological advances for that. They wash wool with harsh & efficient detergents. Here machines as human hands work which can’t have contact with these agents. Carbonizing, bleaching, polymer coating, & others are conventional wool processing methods. The way it passes damages the wool fiber & loses a major


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